RANCH LAGER  14 oz - $4.50 | 20 oz - $5.50

Nice easy drinking lager with a touch of creaminess to it, somewhat sweet with a light golden colour. Cowboy Beer at a great price. Kelowna BC

STEAM WHISTLE PILSNER  14 oz pour $6.00 | 20 oz - $7.25

This is a great beer. Steam Whistle Pilsner is a premium pilsner brewed at The Roundhouse in Toronto using only four all-natural ingredients.

At Steam Whistle they only make one beer, and their slogan is “Do One Thing Really, Really Well.” Well played Steam Whistle! 

BLUE BUCK PALE ALE  14 oz pour $6.00 | 20 oz - $7.25

Blue Buck is beautifully crafted pale ale with lots of earthy, buttery and malty aromas. Brewed at Phillips brewing company in Victoria BC.

It is light and soft and sweet on the palate, simply outstanding ale.

FAT TUG IPA New  14 oz pour $6.00 | 20 oz - $7.25

Fat Tug is Canada’s premier IPA. Brewed by Driftwood Brewing in Victoria, it has an intense hop profile, with notes of grapefruit, mango, and passion fruit. At 7%  alcohol, this beer is not for the faint of heart. A great northwest style IPA 


14 oz pour $7.00 | 20 oz - $8.25

We are proud to have on our tap the premier, award-winning beer from Edinburgh Scotland. This outstanding beer is matured in oak barrels, in small batches of concentrated flavour.

Innes and Gunn are one of a kind, with deep flavours of toffee, vanilla, and oak.

BUDWEISER  14 oz pour $6.00 | 20 oz - $7.25

Self-proclaimed “King of Beers.” You be the judge! 16oz pour 

CANTERBURY  14 oz pour $6.00 | 20 oz - $7.25

An old favourite dark beer from our local brewery Pacific Western Brewing

CLEARCUT LAGER  14 oz pour $6.00 | 20 oz - $7.25

Locally sourced from Crossroads Brewing.  Traditional German-inspired Pilsner-style Lager. Light and refreshing, with a delicate malt flavour that is balanced with subtle European hop flavour and aroma. Prince George, BC.



HOUND OF BARKERVILLE BROWN ALE 14 oz pour $6.00 | 20 oz - $7.25

Keep the hound at bay with this copper-hued, full-bodied monster that packs a silky, satisfying finish. This malt-forward ale is rich and smooth, with a slight hint of roasted barley. Quesnel BC.

1516 BAVARIAN LAGER 14 oz pour $6.00 | 20 oz - $7.25

The 1516 purity law decrees that only four ingredients can be used. Barley, Hops, Yeast, and Water. Pure gold from Okanagan Spring Brewery Vernon.

JERK FACE 9000 14 oz pour $6.00 | 20 oz - $7.25

A big hop flavour wheat ale with fruit tones turned all the way up. A hint of grapefruit on the finish Vancouver BC.

HOYNE PILSNER 14 oz pour $6.00 | 20 oz - $7.25

Stellar German-style pilsner with Czech influences. An award-winning outstanding pilsner. Victoria BC.

HOYNE APPLETON E.S.B 14 oz pour $6.00 | 20 oz - $7.25

A flavorful ESB that tributes Frank Appleton of BC's first craft brewery. ESB (extra special bitters) limited production one of a kind beer. Victoria BC.

HOYNE DARK MATTER 14 oz pour $6.00 | 20 oz - $7.25

Deep, Deceptively Dark, Delicious. Dark Matter is elusive, soft on the tongue with hints of subtle roast chocolate. Victoria Bc. Thank you! Sean Hoyne.

NECTAROUS (Limited time only)  14 oz pour $6.00 | 20 oz - $7.25

This seasonal beer from Four Winds Brewing is like "beer lemonade." A sour ale, this beer is a delicious gateway sour that has great flavor and takes sours to a new level. An award winner! Delta BC

TAIL SLAP IPA 14 oz pour $6.00 | 20 oz - $7.25

From Three Ranges Brewing in Valemount BC. Cirtus, Hoppy, Hoppy, Hoppy! Perfectly suited for the disenfranchised. Valemount BC.

TRICYCLE RADLER 14 oz pour $6.00 | 20 oz - $7.25

European style Radler is the drink of champions. Tart grapefruit juice and crisp lager combined - it's like rocket fuel for leisure. Parallel 49 Brewery